Cold Brew (cold drip coffee): Ice-dripped, from roaster to Mason jar

Cold Brew infusion

This is for you, and you, for all you folks who don’t claim to be coffee geeks. This is for everybody, because Cold Brew is good – really, really good. Whether or not you’re a coffee lover. So, here’s how I started bottling our own Cold Brew, made right here at FARO Roasting House. 


It all began two years ago. I was just discovering this “new” type of brew, which wasn’t very popular at the time. I was blown away! Wow! My taste buds were just totally ... baffled. It was both full-bodied and tasty. No aftertaste, but bursting with all kinds of fruity aromas. In fact, it was unsettling. The drink was genuinely refreshing. No sugar, no syrup, no whipped cream or artificial flavours. No frills. Just coffee, brewed through melting ice cubes. I fell under the spell.

Cold brew Coffee infusion

The procedure is super-simple, you could even say minimalist in the extreme. Just take fresh-ground coffee (coarse grind) and filter-brew it, using only cold water and ice. Let’s be clear here: we’re not talking about cooling down coffee that was pressure-brewed with hot water and sticking it in the fridge. Definitely not. The whole brewing process is done cold. Chemically, it’s a different experience. In a cold brew, the water can extract all of the subtle aromas in the coffee, improving on the classic hot-water process which is more complex, yes, but harsher. Cold brew brings out coffee’s shy aromas so we can savour its fruity or nutty accents and diverse floral tones. Because this kind of brew takes from 6 to 12 hours (one drop every 4 to 6 seconds), many aspects of the flavour extraction process are optimized. The resulting coffee is less acidic and not as bitter (due to a more balanced pH and better oxygenation when coffee is filtered this way).

So I decided to try out a number of our coffees (all roasted right here at FARO Roasting House) to see which ones would be optimized by this purist approach. What can I say, some tests are more fun than others...  When I made my choice and got my colleagues’ approval, I started bottling, adding a subtle hint of sweetness. While this is a small-scale production, home-made in every respect, we did make a thorough study of established food-service standards on sterilization of containers, product storage, etc., and they are applied to the letter. 

The result – I’m holding back here – is awesome! So here at FARO Roasting House, you will find our own cold brew, to go! Delicious straight up, with a bit of milk, some mineral water or maybe a shot of whiskey ... be creative! A Mason jar, a coffee, a thousand flavours ... and as many ways to enjoy. 

Cold brew ready to serve !

If you have any questions or need advice about this technique, feel free to contact us via our Website or Facebook page, or come in and see us at one of our stores.

Chin-chin! Bottoms up!

Four flavours available at FARO Roasting House: plain (no added flavours), cane sugar, vanilla and salted caramel.