Guatemala and El Salvador: sharing the passion

Introduction to cupping, in our offices.

Introduction to cupping, in our offices.

Coming back from a trip, it’s not easy to express the excitement and passion you feel. It’s hard to explain how rich the experiences were, the unique smells, the fantastic anecdotes. I even tried to bring a little back in a Mason jar, but it seems the contents didn’t like our flying altitude. So to share the whole thing with you, all I have is words. That being the reality, what better way than a good training session with the staff from our stores to combine the thrill with a little teaching?

A few weeks after I got back, Valérie, Maxime and I organized a late-afternoon training session (from 4 to 7) on various topics, for our team at the Sherbrooke store. Menu: a summary of the trip, training on how coffees are grown and prepared prior to export, espresso crema 101 and an introduction to cupping.

Everyone gained from the experience: it was really fun for me to pass on the things I had confirmed, understood and learned on my trip, and the store team also seemed very pleased with the session. So my trip to Guatemala will have had many benefits, both personally and professionally.

What I took away from the experience is that while FARO may be a workplace first and foremost, it is also a world of discovery and learning where I had a chance to share my interest with our whole team, adding to the fun. 

In the coming weeks, my factory staff will get their own little taste of my Central American coffee experiences!

Note that we’re also working on a set of training courses we want to make available to our customers. Hope to see you in our laboratory very soon!

Olivier Bertrand Fontaine, Operations Manager