Coffee cold brew

WHAT YOU NEED: Fresh coffee beans, a grinder, a digital scale, filters, a suitably designed filter holder, and a container capable of supporting your filter holder.

STEP 1. First, weigh out 2000 g of water and ice. (Note: This is just a suggestion; the coffee-to-water ratio could be different. Your taste buds are the boss.)

STEP 2. Place the filter holder on your container, making sure it is stable.

STEP 3. If you are using a paper filter, rinse it to neutralize the faint cardboard taste that could wreck the flavour of your coffee. Place the wet filter in the filter holder.

STEP 4. Weigh out 454 g (1 lb) of coffee and grind coarsely. Pour the coffee into the filter and level it off.

STEP 5. Wet your coffee with the cold water and ice weighed in step 1, pouring with a circular motion to ensure that all of the coffee is evenly wet. Stir gently with a bamboo spoon.

Step 6. Count off 12 interminable hours! -- seems like forever, because you can’t wait to taste your coffee. Use the time to find a friend, someone you love, to share this coffee with ...

STEP 7. Lift the filter holder from its place on top of your container. Dispose of the grounds in the compost.

STEP 8. Get out glasses and ice (milk or no milk, it’s up to you). Lift your glass and make a toast! Of course, the suggestion to share your Cold Brew is just that, a suggestion. We would never judge diehard fans of the beverage for choosing not to share their favourite cold coffee.

For more information or to discover other brewing methods, go to one of our Brûleries FARO outlets and we will gladly guide you through this world of possibilities.