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FIELD TRIP : Costa Rica

Our journey begins in the Tarrazu region, in León Cortés county, near the community of La Legua. Most coffees in Costa Rica are grown in the mountainous regions the central San José valley. The situation in this country is special: because of its economic health and the geography of the plantations, the amount of coffee produced does not fluctuate much from year to year.

Based on current trends, some exporters anticipate a drop in volume over the coming years. The Costa Rican coffee sector is in good health overall, but coffee growing is gradually losing ground to aggressive urban development and rising land values, particularly in the central valley. Around San José, plantations are already being edged out by condominium and supermarket projects!

In this context, the country’s producers are opting for quality, specialization and micro lots. The level of expertise is high and a number of beneficios offer an impressive range of preparation methods. Drying by the yellow, red and black honey processes, a variety of natural preparations ... a fabulous array of flavours awaits!

coffee bean in tarrazu plantation

Don’t worry; we’ve selected three excellent coffees for you to taste with us: Tarrazu La Pastora washed, Las Lajas yellow honey and Las Lajas black honey.

Pura vida

Olivier Bertrand
Operations Manager